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Agricultural Fence Installation In Sacramento, CA

When it comes to securing your farm and protecting your livestock, there’s no room for compromise. That’s where Fantastic Fence comes in. We are a trusted name in agricultural fence installation in Sacramento, CA, and are known for our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With an extensive range of top-class fencing solutions tailored to your unique needs, we offer superior protection and enhanced aesthetic appeal for your farmland. Choose Fantastic Fence because your farm deserves nothing but the best.

Fantastic Fence is a leading provider of agricultural fence installation in Sacramento, CA. We offer extensive farm fencing solutions, from wood fences to barbed wire fencing, all designed to protect your farm and livestock. Our fence installation services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every fence project is executed to perfection.

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Our combination of economical fencing with quality workmanship and excellent customer service cannot be matched. We have customers who previously chose less expensive contractors, only to ask us to fix the problems created by their inferior craftsmanship or service.


Our combination of economical fencing with quality workmanship and excellent customer service cannot be matched. We have customers who previously chose less expensive contractors, only to ask us to fix the problems created by their inferior craftsmanship or service.

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The Best Agricultural Fence Installers in Sacramento, CA

At Fantastic Fence, our team of fencing contractors is highly skilled and experienced in various fence installations. Whether you need a chain link fence for your poultry or a rail fence for your horses and large livestock, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced staff works tirelessly to ensure your farm fence installation meets and exceeds your expectations.

Types of Agricultural Fences

Farmers are always looking for ways to prevent animals from getting out of their designated areas, prevent predators from encroaching on their property, and address a host of farm fencing needs. Agricultural fences today offer a range of styles and options to give you both effective and aesthetically pleasing fencing options for your property.

We offer a wide array of agricultural farm fences to cater to your diverse farming needs. Agricultural fencing is a critical component of any farm or ranch, acting as a barrier to keep livestock in and unwanted guests out. The type of farm fence you choose can significantly impact your property’s effectiveness, cost, and aesthetic appeal. Here at Fantastic Fence, we offer a variety of fencing options to cater to all your unique needs:

  • Wood Corral Fences: Traditional and timeless, a wood fence adds a rustic charm to your property while providing sturdy protection for your livestock. They are customizable, offering flexibility in terms of height and design. Wood corral fencing stands as a sturdy choice for farms and ranches, fulfilling the practical role of containing medium to large animals (cattle and horses). This type of fence can be adapted for smaller animals by integrating woven wire mesh. Typically comprised of 3 or 4 rails and standing at a height of five feet, the posts employed in wood corral fencing are usually 4×6 pressure-treated, round peeler cores, or hidden steel posts. For added security for smaller animals/pets, woven wire mesh can be added to this fence.
  • Wire Fence: Woven wire fencing, also called no-climb wire, provides a highly secure solution for containing both large and small animals. Often installed with driven T-Posts or treated peeler cores, woven wire fencing is a cost effective method to fence in large amounts of footage. The Red Brand 12.5-gauge silver steel woven wire fencing with a mesh spacing of 2 inches by 4 inches is the preferred choice because it can effectively contain horses, dogs, goats, cattle, sheep, and rabbits. We prefer installing Red Brand mesh that is commonly available in a 330 foot roll length. It is available in a variety of heights including 4 feet, 5 feet, and 6 feet tall. Many property owners opt to have us install a strand of barb wire on top as well. This barb wire will help keep wildlife from jumping over the fence and keep larger livestock like cows and horses from reaching over the fence and damage it by pushing it down.
  • Barbed Wire Fences: This is probably the simplest and lowest cost fence option. This style of fence is ideal for livestock fencing because its sharp edges deter livestock from pushing against it. The barb wire is attached to a t post every 10 feet and secured every few hundred feet to a tension post. While this fence is ideal due to its low cost, a disadvantage is that is not able to keep small animals in or out. If you are looking a fence to be constructed to keep pets or wildlife in or out, this is NOT the best fence solution for you.
  • Chain Link Fences: Known for their durability and strength, chain link fences provide excellent security without obstructing visibility. They are an affordable option for large areas. While this is not the most common agricultural fence because it costs a bit more than wire fence, it is a heavier and more durable fence solution.
  • Vinyl Fences: Vinyl fences offer the same visual appeal as wood fences but with less maintenance. They are resistant to weather and pests, making them a long-lasting choice. This is commonly installed in a 3 rail or 4 rail system. This is an awesome fence that does not require any painting and only minimal maintenance.

Benefits of Installing a New Agricultural Fence

Investing in a new fence installation in Sacramento, CA, offers numerous benefits. It serves as a strategic investment that brings numerous benefits, enhancing your property’s functionality and value. Here are some key advantages of installing a new agricultural fence:

  • Enhanced Security: A well-installed fence acts as a formidable barrier, protecting your livestock from predators and preventing them from straying.
  • Increased Property Value: A sturdy and aesthetically appealing fence can significantly increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters.
  • Crop Protection: Certain types of fences, like barbed wire or woven wire fences, can help protect your crops from pests and other threats, ensuring your hard work doesn’t go to waste.
  • Controlled Grazing: Fencing allows you to create specific animal grazing areas, helping manage their diet and prevent overgrazing.
  • Improved Aesthetics: An attractive fence can enhance the overall look of your farm or ranch, adding to its charm and character.

By choosing Fantastic Fence for your new fence installation, you’re investing not just in a fence but also in your agricultural enterprise’s long-term safety, productivity, and success.

Why Choose Fantastic Fence for Your New Agricultural Fences?

Fantastic Fence is committed to delivering top-notch fencing services for our agricultural customers. We use high-quality materials, such as wood, vinyl, wire, and steel, to ensure durability and longevity in our fence posts construction processes. Whether it’s a new fence installation or a repair project, we handle each task with utmost precision and care. We aim to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for your farming needs.

Not only are we here to install your new fence posts, but our team can also help make the necessary fence repairs to keep your property — and animals — as protected as possible. No matter the problems with your fencing, our fence company has the knowledge and tools to protect your property for the long haul.

Our Service Area

The Fantastic Fence team installs countless agricultural fences across Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our agricultural fencing experts have helped countless customers in the following areas:

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Are you ready to secure your ground and ensure the safety of your livestock? From goats, sheep, and horses to chickens, deer, and crops, our fences are designed to cater to all your fencing needs. Contact Fantastic Fence today to schedule your first consultation. Let us help you choose the perfect style and type of fence that suits your needs and budget.

When you need a proven fence company with agricultural fence experience, our fence repair and installation team is here to help! We can ensure your new agricultural fences are installed correctly and securely to give your property the look and security it needs. Don’t wait any longer; secure your land and protect your assets with the best fence company in Sacramento, CA. Your farm deserves the fantastic fence treatment!

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