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Fence Ordinance Quick Links

Below are some quick link reference guides to help you in your research of fence ordinances (rules) per city. Each city has different regulations regarding fence styles and heights allowed. Being aware of the fence regulations for each city and your property in specific is important.

We cannot ensure that your local planning departments update these sites with each planning ordinance change. Hence, we recommend that you reach out to your local planning department and get your answers in writing to provide proof if every needed.

Sacramento COUNTY, CA Fence Ordinances

Sacramento County Planning Department

Sacramento County Fence Regulation

Sacramento CITY, CA Fence Ordinances

Sacramento City Planning Department

Sacramento City Fence Regulation

Antelope, CA Fence Ordinances

See Sacramento County ABOVE

Auburn, CA Fence Ordinance

Auburn City Planning Department

Auburn City Fence Regulation

Carmichael, CA Fence Ordinances

Sacramento County ABOVE

Citrus Heights, CA Fence Ordinance

Citrus Heights Planning Department

Citrus Heights Fence Regulation

Davis, CA Fence Ordinance

Davis City Planning Department

Davis City Fence Regulation

El Dorado Hills, CA Fence Ordinance

El Dorado Hills Planning Department

El Dorado Hills Fence Regulation

Elk Grove, CA Fence Ordinance

Elk Grove Planning Department

Elk Grove Fence Regulation

Elverta, CA Fence Ordinances

See Sacramento County ABOVE

Fair Oaks, CA Fence Ordinances

See Sacramento County ABOVE

Folsom, CA Planning Department

Folsom Planning Department

Folsom Fence Regulation

Gold River, CA Fence Ordinances

See Sacramento County ABOVE

Granite Bay, CA Fence Ordinances

Granite Bay Planning Department

Lincoln, CA Fence Ordinances

Lincoln Planning Department

Lincoln Fence Regulation

Loomis, CA Fence Ordinances

Loomis Planning Department

Marysville, CA Planning Department

Marysville Planning Department

Marysville Fence Regulation

Meadow Vista, CA Planning Department

Meadow Vista Planning Department

Natomas, CA Fence Ordinances

See Sacramento City ABOVE

North Highlands, CA Fence Ordinances

See Sacramento County ABOVE

Orangevale, CA Fence Ordinances

See Sacramento County ABOVE

Rancho Cordova, CA Fence Ordinance

Rancho Cordova Planning Department

Rancho Cordova Fence Regulation

Rocklin, CA Fence Ordinance

Rocklin Planning Department

Rocklin Fence Regulation

Roseville CA Fence Ordinances

Roseville Planning Department

Roseville Fence Regulation

West Sacramento, CA Fence Ordinance

West Sacramento Planning Department

West Sacramento Fence Regulation

Wheatland, CA Fence Ordinance

Wheatland Planning Department

Wheatland Fence Regulation

Woodland, CA Fence Ordinance

Woodland Planning Department

Woodland Fence Regulation

Yuba City, CA Fence Ordinance

Yuba City Planning Department

Yuba City Fence Regulation

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