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Fantastic Fence: Premier Fence Repair Services In Sacramento, CA

One of the last things homeowners want to worry about is damage to their fence. If they have a new fence installation damaged in a storm, an old vinyl fence that could use some closer attention, or wood fences that have seen better days, finding a fence repair company that can help address these issues becomes vital. Fortunately, Fantastic Fence specializes in repair services of residential and commercial fencing and has proudly served as the leading fencing company in the Greater Sacramento community for years.

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Our combination of economical fencing with quality workmanship and excellent customer service cannot be matched. We have customers who previously chose less expensive contractors, only to ask us to fix the problems created by their inferior craftsmanship or service.


Our combination of economical fencing with quality workmanship and excellent customer service cannot be matched. We have customers who previously chose less expensive contractors, only to ask us to fix the problems created by their inferior craftsmanship or service.

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Your Reliable Fence Contractor in Sacramento, CA

Finding reliable fence contractors for your home’s needs can be daunting. Our team has spent years providing Fantastic Fence construction and repair services to our customers, ensuring they have a fantastic experience with our team each time. We know how important it is to prioritize prompt fence repair when you notice there’s a problem, and we strive to be the best Sacramento fence company you can rely on!

As an established Sacramento fence company, we offer a comprehensive range of services from fence installation to fence replacement. Our team of skilled fencing contractors is adept at working with various materials, including wood fences, chain link fences, vinyl fences, and iron fencing.

Chain Link Fencing Repair Solutions

Chain link fencing stands out when it comes to cost-effective, durable solutions. Not only is the chain link fence cost affordable, but it also offers longevity and minimal maintenance. At Fantastic Fence, we provide expert repair services, ensuring your chain link fencing meets your needs. We have worked with chain link fencing of all makes and materials, so we know how to identify potential issues and address them quickly and efficiently.

Chain link fences are constructed from galvanized steel wire woven together to create a mesh pattern. The galvanized coating helps prevent rust and corrosion to maximize the lifespan of the fence. However, over time, it is common for chain link fences to experience wear and tear. Some of the most common repair issues we see with chain link fencing include:

  • Broken or sagging top rails
  • Damaged posts that need reinforcement or full replacement
  • Loosened tension bands that need to be re-secured
  • Rust spots or holes in the mesh that need patching
  • Gates that are misaligned or need hinge repair

No matter what type of chain link fence issue you are experiencing, our team has the expertise to provide reliable repairs. We use only high-quality materials to match your existing fence specifications. For areas with significant rust or holes, we can patch and reinforce the mesh rather than needing full mesh replacement. When posts or rails require replacement, we carefully remove the old ones and install new posts set in concrete footings.

Vinyl Fences Need Repairs Too Sometimes

Our fence repair contractors understand the value of vinyl fences to your property. Not only do they offer an attractive, modern appeal, but they’re also incredibly durable and resistant to weather conditions. However, like all things, they may need occasional repairs. The benefits of repairing your vinyl fence are manifold. Timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your fence, maintaining its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. It can also save you from costly replacements down the line. A well-maintained vinyl fence enhances your property’s curb appeal and value. Rest assured, our expert team of fence installers deliver top-quality repair services to keep your vinyl fences looking their best and functioning optimally.

Wood Fence Repair: Maintenance is Key for Longevity

Nothing compares to the timeless appeal of wood fences. While exuding a classic charm, these fences require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. The benefits of repairing your wood fence are significant. Prompt repairs to your redwood fence by a trusted fence company can prolong the life of your fence, preserving its natural beauty and robustness. Moreover, it can prevent more severe damage in the future, saving you from expensive replacement costs.

Wood fences are susceptible to weathering, rotting, cracking, and warping over time. Exposure to the elements causes redwood fencing to deteriorate, weakening the structure. It’s important to periodically inspect your wood fence for any loose, cracked, or missing boards, protruding nails, and rotted or decaying wood. Addressing these issues quickly can stop further degradation. Our team of professionals have the expertise to properly repair common problems like sagging posts, broken rails, and damaged pickets. We use quality fence material including lumber and hardware and structural reinforcement techniques to restore strength and stability to aging wood fences.

The most common type of issue people have with their residential wood fences is rotten posts. Over time, your fence posts can rot leading to a wobbly or leaning fence. Repairing and reinforcing your fence footings and posts can restore the strength and stability of your fence. Our professional fencing contractors have the skills and equipment to properly repair broken posts or concrete footings. For wooden posts that are rotting at ground level, we can sister new posts alongside old ones or pour new concrete footings to provide robust support. In some cases, the entire fence post needs replacement; we’ll remove the old posts and install new ones set properly in concrete. No matter what type of footing or post material your fence uses, we can provide the right solution to reinforce your fence so it remains straight, plumb, and structurally sound for years to come.

A well-maintained wood fence enhances your property’s aesthetic appeal and increases its overall value. With regular upkeep and timely repairs, you can keep your wood fence looking pristine. The natural richness, texture, and craftsmanship of wood can be preserved for years through proper care and maintenance. With Fantastic Fence, you can rely on our experienced team to provide outstanding repair services, ensuring your wood fences continue to stand firm and look their best. Contact us today for an inspection and estimate.

Ornamental Iron Fence Repairs in Sacramento, CA

A well-made ornamental iron fence can add a lot of personality to any property. While providing a regal touch, these fences may need occasional upkeep and repairs. Over time, normal wear and tear can cause dents, damaged pickets, rust spots, and bent or broken sections in ornamental iron fences. Seasonal weather changes, lawn maintenance, and aging may also take a toll. Without repair, small issues can worsen and lead to more costly fixes or full fence replacements down the road. Our team handles all common ornamental iron fence repairs to restore beauty and function.

Our team provides the following services:

  • Straightening bent/warped pickets
  • Welding broken or separated pickets
  • Grinding down rough spots and burrs
  • Patching holes or gaps in panels
  • Reinforcing loose posts and gate hinges
  • Replacing bent panels and posts
  • Gate alignment and repair

The advantages of repairing your ornamental iron fence are considerable. Timely repairs can extend the fence’s lifespan, preserving its majestic appearance and structural strength. It can also prevent further damage, saving you from potentially costly replacements in the future. Our timely repairs restore strength, function, and aesthetics to your ornamental iron fence.

Secure Your Pool Area with Pool Fencing

Your pool’s fencing may require occasional repairs. The benefits of fixing your pool fence are substantial and help ensure your pool area stays in high demand. Prompt repairs can prolong the life of your fence, preserving its attractive appearance and structural robustness. It also provides safety by preventing accidental falls or unauthorized access to the pool area, which is especially crucial if you have children or pets.

Moreover, timely maintenance can save you from potential high-cost replacements in the future. A well-maintained pool fence enhances your property’s appeal and boosts its overall value. Trust the experts at Fantastic Fence to provide top-notch repair services, keeping your pool fences secure and looking their best.

Efficient Fence Repair and Replacement

A broken fence or gate can compromise your property’s security and curb appeal. But worry not! Our fence repair service ensures that any damage is promptly addressed. From fixing fence posts to full fence replacement, we do it all. Our fence contractors can swiftly identify what’s wrong with your system and ensure we get your system back in pristine condition in no time. We look forward to being your preferred fence contractor in Sacramento County, Placer County, and El Dorado County!

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No matter the cause of your broken fence, finding reliable contractors with great customer service to take a closer look at your system is more important than ever. When you’re sifting through the best Sacramento fencing repair companies, your search begins and ends with Fantastic Fence! With years of experience working with Sacramento area residents on fences of all shapes, sizes, and materials, we know how to quickly identify the broken areas, assess the damage, and make the necessary repairs quickly and effectively. As a full-service fence company, we handle all types of fence repair with a focus on 3 things: fantastic customer service, excellent craftsmanship, and a fair price. From repairing a few pickets to completely replacing entire sections, our skilled technicians have the experience to fix fence issues of any size. We work with all the most common fencing materials, including wood, vinyl, chain link, and ornamental metal.

Some common fence damage we can repair includes:

  • Cracked or rotting wood fence boards
  • Cut or broken wire on a chain link fence
  • Sagging or loose fence posts
  • Broken welds on a wrought iron fence
  • Warping or discoloration on vinyl fencing

When you choose Fantastic Fence for your fence repairs, you get the benefit of our years of experience. We know all the best techniques and have the right tools and materials for any repair job. Just as importantly, we understand the urgency of fence repairs. A broken fence is not just an eyesore but also poses risks to security and safety. We strive to complete all repairs quickly and efficiently.

At the first sign of damage, give Fantastic Fence a call at 916-410-2081. We provide free repair estimates and guarantee all our work. Your satisfaction is our priority when you choose us for your fence repair needs. Contact us today to get your fence or gate fixed and keep your property safe and secure.

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