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Best Fence Company Near Me in Sacramento, CA

Best Fence Company Near Me in Sacramento, CA

How to Identify the Best Fence Company Near Me in Sacramento, CA

Here are tips to help you find a fence company near me in Sacramento, CA that matches your expectations.

You want to partner with a fence company near me in Sacramento, CA, that delivers superior customer service and materials. Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc is here to replace your current broken fence, install a new privacy fence, or just replace some broken posts.

Here are some tips on how to identifying the best rated fence company close to you in Sacrament, CA. Here are three tips to help you do just that.

1. Plenty of Research

There are a lot of online review sites that help with your online search of a fence company near me. As a basic principle, companies that have more reviews and a higher rating together are usually the first ones you want to reach out to. Knowing that many prior customers are rating this company high is a great starting point. From here you can check out their websites and get a great first impression.

Check out some of our customer reviews for Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair!

Once you have decided on a few fence companies to call for an estimate, you should first confirm they are properly licensed for your fence project at the California State License Board Query Search Site. That site allows you to check a contractor’s license, bond, and workers compensation status. This is massively important to ensure that your fence project is done properly. You are looking for a C-13 license. This is the license for a company that specializes in fences, gates, and retaining walls.

The next step will be setting up for an estimator to come out and go over your fence project with you.

2. Meet with a Fence Company

To properly evaluate a fence project, understand your requests, and provide you with a proper quote every fence company should want to come out and see the project. While some companies will try to quote you after having a video appointment or phone call, this is absolutely insufficient in our opinion. The experience of thousands of estimates a year has taught us that in-person consultations in the only way to provide you with a proper plan and proposal. During this site visit you can share details about your fence project and the fence company can explain their products and services. Additionally, by being onsite at your home or business they will be able to foresee any complications to prevent them from being an issue later. This planning ahead allows companies that do onsite in person site visits to prevent any change orders. At Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc we will only provide a written estimate after doing an IN PERSON site inspection. We respect you and your project, hence we take the time to do a proper inspection for our customers.

3. Request a Fence Quote

Once a company has done their site inspection, they will be able to provide you with a thoroughly written fence quote. This estimate should be a fixed price without a bunch of change order clauses for rocks in the ground “hard digging” or unforeseen things. Professional fence companies that are experienced in your area will have an idea as to what the digging will be like and should account for this in their fixed price proposal. Additionally, companies that have done their onsite inspection will have seen the “unforeseen” and hence there should no clauses for change orders unless you as the customer are making changes to the project.

Once you have this proposal, you will be able to evaluate how you feel about the fence companies and calculate the value that each of them brings with their proposal.

What Fence Company Should You Choose for Your Fence Replacement in Sacramento, CA?

Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc is the number one choice for fencing in Sacramento, CA. Our team provides the highest value and most efficient fence installation processes for you and your family. First, our fence expert will meet with you to learn about your fence project. Next, we provide you with a thorough fence proposal. Next, we’ll set up your fencing project on a date that works with your schedule. You will receive amazing customer service before and after the installation project.

We look forward to hearing from your to assist with your fence project at your Sacramento home or business. Please email us at info@superiorfencellc.com or call us at (916)790-7100.