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Chain Link Fence Repairs – Cut During Break-in, Vehicle Damage, Tree Falling

Chain Link Fence Repairs – Cut During Break-in, Vehicle Damage, Tree Falling

Chain Link Fences – The 5 Most Common Causes of Damage

Chain link fencing provides a versatile and cost-effective barrier for both residential and commercial properties. However, over time chain link fences are susceptible to damage from a variety of causes. As a professional fence company, we frequently handle chain link fence repair stemming from:

Reason #1 – Break-Ins and Vandalism

Chain link, though durable, can be cut through by determined thieves or vandals seeking entry to a secured area. The most common damage is cutting the chain link fabric to create access holes. Chain link fence repair is a relatively easy. You’ll need some chain link mesh of the same gauge as the existing fence fabric. Simply twist the repair wire through the undamaged rings around the cut to sew it closed.Less often, posts and top rails may be dismantled or bent back.

For break-in damage, we remove the compromised section and splice in new fence fabric using high quality galvanized steel wire. After we tension the mesh tightly we secure it to the top rail and fence posts with wire ties. Bent posts are straightened or replaced as needed.

Reason #2 -Weather Damage

Years of exposure to harsh weather causes galvanized coatings to erode, eventually leading to rust if left untreated. Rust weakens the integrity of the woven wire mesh fabric, posts and railings. The fence must then be partially or fully replaced. Regular fence maintenance such as checking connections, lubricating parts and spot painting areas of light rust can extend the life of your fence and chain link gate.

Wind can also apply extreme pressure on fence parts leading to stretching, deformation or detachment. Tightening sagging lines or replacing compromised sections restores security. In coastal regions, salty sea air accelerates metal corrosion problems.

Reason #3 -Vehicle Impacts

Parking lots, loading docks and street-abutting fences are vulnerable to vehicle collisions. The force of the impact on an existing chain link fence can rupture mesh fabric, bend or sheer off posts, and mangle top rail supports. After removing the damaged old chain link fence, our teams get right to work installing new fence posts, chain link fence fabric, top rail, and brackets. Professional fence contractors will also fabricate a new gate panel and install this onsite as well.

It’s an all-too-common occurrence – a vehicle crashes through a chain link fence, leaving behind a mangled mess of metal and gaping holes. As a fencing contractor, I’ve seen my fair share of fence damage from wayward vehicles. We commonly get a call where an altered driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, or didn’t turn in town and plowed into a backyard chain link fence. The car is always embedded in a pile of twisted metal, having bulldozed completely through the posts and chain link fabric. Repairing the fence will take my team the better part of a day and cost the homeowners several thousand dollars to replace the 60 feet of demolished fencing. Damage from car crashes isn’t just inconvenient either – loose animals or intruders may wander through damaged sections, so getting the chain link fence repair done quickly is important too. Sometimes fence damage will occur and skilled contractors are needed to fix it. We hope to be your first choice!

Reason #4 -Falling Trees and Branches

During severe storms, high winds can knock down full trees or break large limbs and send them crashing onto fences. The falling tree or branch tears, folds or flattens portions of the fence. The damaged poles and chain link fence fabric sections must be removed and replaced.

Homeowners often face weather damage to their property. Strong winds can blow trees or branches onto fences, knocking them over. For chain link fences, this can bend the rails, damage posts, or tear the mesh. Trees and high winds tend to cause the most destruction. However, animals accessing the yard can also create holes or damage the chain link. Additionally, chain link fences may gradually loosen or sag over time due to age or exposure to the elements.

Regular maintenance like pruning encroaching tree branches reduces risk of storm damage. Also consider planting trees and large shrubs at appropriate distances from your fence line to prevent interference.

Reason #5 – General Wear and Tear

Chain link fences are durable and long-lasting, but they still gradually deteriorate from general wear and tear over time. Especially in residential backyards with lawnmowers or weed trimmers hitting it. Landscaping equipment bumping into the fence can cut and fray the wire. Over the years the effects of weathering, rust, and stress start becoming more apparent on an aging chain link fence. You may begin noticing some sagging, especially on long spans of fencing. The wire may also start to lose some of its galvanized coating and small rust spots can begin developing.

Over the next decade, these signs of aging will become more pronounced. The mesh links can start to develop larger holes and become stretched out or detached in places. Support posts can shift or lean from the soil settling around them. The tension bands stretching between poles can snap or detach. Lattice privacy slats, if present, may crack, warp, or fall out after prolonged sun exposure. Just like the rest of our home or business, fences and gates need regular maintenance to prevent failure. An ounce of prevention will prevent a pound of cure!

Regular Maintenance

Along with fixing issues as they arise, don’t neglect regular fence maintenance steps. Tighten any loose fabric and attachments, lubricate hinges and other hardware, clear vegetation around the fence perimeter, check for rust and repaint where needed. Taking care of minor upkeep now prevents more serious repairs down the road.

Reasons to Have Your Chain Link Fence Repair Completed by a Licensed Fence Contractor

Whether you have a residential chain link fence around your house or a commercial chain link security fence and gates, there are a few reasons why it makes more sense to hire a licensed fence company.

Parts– There are a lot of different parts to a chain link fence and each part comes in a variety of sizes. For a damaged chain link fence repair you will need a long list of parts including top rail, line posts, tension posts, wire ties, chain link mesh, rail coupling, barb wire, and possibly a gate frame. All of these come in a variety of size options.

Tools- To repair a chain link fence you will need a variety of tools including an adjustable wrench, linesman pliers, reciprocating saw, socket wrench, shovels, and probably a jackhammer!

Having a licensed chain link fence company perform the repair will save you a lot of time and money on trips to the parts supply store.

For professional chain link fence repair and maintenance services, contact Fantastic Fence today at 916-790-7100. Our chain link fence specialists provide quality workmanship and we use only the best materials. We’re committed to quickly fixing your fence the Right Way the first time.