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Dog Ear Redwood Fence

Dog Ear Redwood Fence

Dog Ear Redwood/Cedar Fencing is named for the shape at the top of the pickets with the 45 degree edges. It is the most common type of fencing around homes in Northern California.

Most new developments in Northern California were built with Dog Ear fencing to separate the houses. It tends to be the most economical style since there are less parts to purchase and install. Additionally it tends to hold up as well, if not better than, other more detailed styles. These “shared neighbor” fences are where the sections (usually about 8 feet) go back and forth. So you will see 1 panel of rails, than 1 panel of pickets, then 1 panel of rails etc. See the example pictures below.

Some great improvements in the industry have developed the usage of galvanized metal posts that are easily hidden. In prior years the round metal posts were very unsightly. Now with Postmaster galvanized metal fence posts everyone can now enjoy the durability of metal posts without having to see them! Some of these fences on this page are on these same galvanized metal posts!