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Fixing Gate Issues: A Troubleshooting Guide

Fixing Gate Issues: A Troubleshooting Guide

“My gate won’t close properly. What should I do?” If you’re facing this dilemma, don’t worry, we’re here to help you troubleshoot and get your gate working smoothly again!

Aging and Wear: As time goes by, it’s natural for wooden gates to wear down. No product can entirely prevent this. Eventually, they may start to sag or become misaligned due to wear and tear. Many times we find that these gates were built on pressure treated posts or with pressure treated wood framing and this is commonly the problem source. It is very common for pressure treated wood to twist and bow and even a little of these causes negatively impacts the ability of the gate to close properly. We always build our wood person gates on hidden steel posts and use a redwood frame to prevent this. We do NOT recommend the metal adjustable gate kits you will find at the big box stores. While a metal frame sounds like a good idea, the adjustable factor of these causes them also to be problematic. For a larger wooden gate we would recommend a custom built welded steel frame and 4” or larger steel posts. These have the strength and durability to handle a larger swing gate.

If your fence is about 10-15 years old, it might be time to think about replacing the gates.

Rusty Hardware: If the wood of your gate is still in good condition, rusty and worn out hinge and latch hardware might be the culprit. Excessive rust can hinder the gate from closing properly. Simply replacing the hinges and latch can often solve this issue, ensuring smoother operation.

Weather Effects: After a heavy rain, your gate may struggle to latch properly due to swelling caused by moisture. In such cases, wait for the weather to dry out before attempting any adjustments. Adjusting the gate while it’s wet can lead to misalignment once it dries. If the problem persists, tightening the hinges and latch can often restore proper function.

Settling Over Time: Newly installed gates may experience settling in the surrounding area in the months following installation. If it’s been less than 12 months since your Fantastic Fence gate was installed, give us a call! We offer free adjustments as part of our craftsmanship warranty to ensure your gate remains in top condition.

Recurring Issues: In some cases, gates may continue to sag and go out of alignment due to insufficient support from the gate frame, posts, or hardware. If you notice persistent issues, it’s possible that it is time to replace the gate with a stronger supporting structure.

By addressing these common issues, you can keep your gate operating smoothly and maintain the security of your property.

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