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How Tall Can I Build My Fence?

How Tall Can I Build My Fence?

Are you preparing to replace your current fence or add a new fence? One of the first questions homeowners ask themselves is “how tall do I want this new fence?” This is a great question. Once you’ve decided what type of fence you’d like to build, it’s time to figure out if there are any height limitations you need to follow?

When determining fence height there are 3 considerations, we need to ask ourselves about:

1) Your personal preference

2) Height limitations based on local city/county ordinances/law

3) HOA restrictions

Personal Preference

The natural instinct of many customers is that they want a taller fence. Bigger is better right? Sometimes that is absolutely the case, but sometimes not. Our recommendation is that you get a helper with a tape measure and confirm if the new taller fence height might be “too tall” and make the fence feel overwhelming or just perfect. Based on the size of your yard, we have found some customers who initially think they want taller, decide on a standard height fence when they see the measure tape put up while they step back and look how tall it will be. This is something to consider given your yard and personal preferences.

Local Laws

Your city or county may restrict fence height based on where you want to place this fence. Check with your local building, planning or zoning office before you install your fence in order to avoid strict penalties. Here are some quick links to planning departments and ordinances you can reference based on your city.

HOA Restrictions

The height of your fence may also be determined by restrictions imposed by your neighborhood homeowner’s association (HOA), if you have one. HOA’s often impose limits on fence height and on fence type and materials. Be sure to confirm your fence plans with your HOA in advance as this is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Types of Fence

Fence height decisions are also affected by the overall objective you are trying to achieve with the fence. For example, decorative garden fence may make sense as a shorter picket style, where a privacy fence between two neighbors may make sense as a 6 foot tall fence for security and privacy.

Privacy Fencing

You might build a privacy fence so nosy neighbors can’t see into your yard. A privacy fence would be solid material (wood, vinyl, or chain link with privacy slats. In most cases people are looking for a six feet tall fence.

Pool Fencing

Pool fences are legally required based on city/county regulations. Most pool fences are at least 60 inches high and non-climbable for safety reasons. There are strict legal requirements for pool fences, so check your local planning and building office codes.

Garden Fencing

Are you trying to keep your pets out of your garden or maybe some deer away from eating all your freshly growing vegetables or budding new flowers? When planning for your new garden fence keep in mind the jumping abilities of the animal you’re keeping out of your garden. If its your beagle you might not need as tall a fence as if it is deer. In the end the objective is to make it beautiful and functional.

Pet Fencing

Building a fence for your pet depends on the size of your pet. If you have a small dog, for instance, you may be able to build a lower fence than if you have a large dog. At the same time, when you are selecting the style of fence for your pet keep in mind if you are selecting a style of fence that has any spacing that your small pet might fit through. For instance, if you have a tiny 5-pound dog a traditional ornamental iron fence with 4 inch spacing between the pickets may not be the best choice.

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