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What makes Superior the Best fence company in Sacramento?

What makes Superior the Best fence company in Sacramento?

Best Fence Company in Sacramento

Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc is a locally owned and operated fencing company in Rocklin and the greater Sacramento region of California. Our team of fence professionals are “Setting the new standard in fencing” in our service areas. Let me tell you why we are truly “Superior”.

  • OUR STAFF ARE ALL EMPLOYEES – no sub-contractors. While some other companies will outsource your work to some random subcontractor, you only send our own dedicated employees. This allows us to deliver only the best fence and gate solutions!
  • OUR CREWS ARE HIGHLY TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED. –`Whether we can help you with a fence or gate replacement or repair our crews have years of experience doing exactly this everyday for years. Since fence, gates, and retaining walls is all we specialize in, we are true craftsman of our specialty trade.
  • TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU. –To best service our customers we two locations that store materials and dispatch our fence, gate and retaining wall crews from. One is located in Rocklin (right on the boarder of Roseville) and the other is in Sacramento. By having 2 locations we are able to reduce drive times which allows us to get our crews right to work on fixing your fence.
  • WE ARE FULLY LICENSED, BONDED, and INSURED—While this should be a given, we only point this out as many times people tell us about horrible experiences that they have had with people that are not properly trained and licensed. Before you hire people to repair your fence and gate, please ensure that they have a C-13 Fence license through the California State Contractor License Board. Here is a direct link to a copy of our fence license and insurance.
  • WE INSTALL REDWOOD– Redwood is ideal for outdoor construction and while in many parts of the country cedar is used for fencing, in our area the cedar is cut very thin at approximately 5/8” thick. Because the cedar is cut so thin it has a high probability of warping. To prevent this, we purchase thicker redwood in such high volumes that we get this much better-quality lumber at a fantastic price. This allows us to provide a quality product at a competitive price.
  • PRESSURE TREATED DOUGLAS FIR not hemp fir—Most other fence companies in our area install pressure treated that is made out of HEMP fir. While this is an ok product, we have been able to source a superior product made out of Douglas fir. This base wood offers closer grain and tighter nots for superior durability.
  • HOT DIP GALVANIZED NAILS not electro-galvanized –There are two ways to coat and protect a nail to be out in the weather, but one is better than the other. Guess what – at Fantastic Fence we install the better nail—Hot Dip Galvanized which has a thicker and more effective coating to help protect it from rusting or streaking. We continue to offer value right down to the nails.
  • HIGH STRENGTH CONCRETE not fence post mix– We build our fences for quality in mind and for a tiny bit more we can use a quality concrete to secure your new fence installation for years to come. This high strength concrete has less fillers and less gravel, and more concrete which we have found provides a higher quality fence installation.

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