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What are the Best Fences for Rental Property?

What are the Best Fences for Rental Property?

As a rental property owner in many residential areas, you may want to provide secure yard area with a fence. A new or updated fence can add a lot of value to your home and make it more desirable for perspective tenants. We provide fencing repair and replacement services to the majority of the property management companies from Elk Grove, to Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, and out to Yuba City. We have a lot of expertise when it comes to fencing at rental properties.

Here are pros and cons of each type of fencing material:

Wood fence:

A beautiful redwood or cedar fence is the standard of residential fencing in the Sacramento area. It is a natural and economical fence option that brings beauty and security to your yard. Your fence is the frame around your yard and a new wood fence really is a fantastic background to your yard. Many rental property owners like wood fences, but they want them to last longer! Extending the life of your wood fence is as easy as selecting hidden steel posts for your new fence replacement. Most recently, I would estimate that approximately 80% of the fences we install are now on these hidden steel posts. Over the years as homeowners have realized that this is the main culprit of all issues for a wood fence, they have made the change over to hidden steel posts. You may paint or stain your fence for a little extra personality as well. A new wood fence is a great option that many property managers consider for their rental property.

Vinyl fence:

Vinyl Fence has been growing in popularity in the Sacramento and Placer areas recently due to its clean look and durability. This is a great choice for rental property owners seeking privacy at their property. One of the biggest advantages of vinyl fence is that it will not rot or warp. However, it does need an occasional cleaning to keep off dirt and mold. While vinyl can be affected by weather, the Everguard line of vinyl has a mix of inhibitors and additives to help it resist cracking and breaking in the sun.

Chain Link Fence:

Chain link fence is one of the most amazingly durable types of fencing. For many years it has been a staple of the commercial fencing world and in more rural areas, but it has been growing in popularity in standard residential as homeowners have been looking for ways to extend the life of their fence. These fences can be designed with a range of colors and level or privacy. Chain link fences can come with a galvanized (silver) mesh and frame which is the most affordable, or it can come with a colored frame and mesh. Additionally, if you want to add privacy you can add privacy to chain link fences with 2 levels of privacy slats. This is a great fence for a clean durable fence that is great for houses with pets.

Ornamental Iron Fence:

If you are hoping to add a sense of elegance to the front of your rental, then consider adding an ornamental iron fence (many people refer to these as wrought iron). While it is not always the best for creating a tight perimeter around a space, iron fences create a very secure and durable fence solution. They are especially used in front yards as they are compliant with most city front yard fence ordinances.

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