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Why is a board on board fence better?

Why is a board on board fence better?

A board on board fence is a type of wood privacy fence that is designed with overlapping pickets to prevent any gaps from forming when the boards dry (which is almost immediately after they are put up). If you look at a fence that is not board on board you will see gaps between the pickets due to shrinkage. This is quickly and easily solved by board on board overlapping the pickets.

How do we overlap the pickets? First, we install one row of pickets spaced approximately 4 inches apart and then come back with a 2nd layer of pickets to cover those gaps and overlap both sides of the first row by approximately 3/4 inch on each side. With this overlap coverage even when the boards dry there will not be any gaps.


  1. True Privacy—No matter how close you get to the fence it will offer you virtually 100% privacy. We have all heard the saying “Fences make great neighbors”… well there is a lot of truth in this.
  2. Visually pleasing—The added layering of the pickets adds a layer of depth and complexity to what is sometimes an otherwise drab fence. Your fences are the background to your yard and a beautiful fence can really enhance the beauty of the plants and décor of your yard.
  3. Helps reduce pet stress—Some dogs are stressed by seeing neighbors or neighbor pets on the other sides of the fence between the picket gaps. We have heard from customers that by overlapping the fence pickets, that this has helped their pets to be less irritated by activity on the other side of the fence. This has equated into less barking and happier neighbors.


  1. Cost- Since additional boards are required and it takes additional time to install these 2 layers it does cost a bit more for a board on board fence. You will be shocked though how economical it really is for this added layer of privacy.

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