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Why Your Neighbors Are Picking Fantastic Fence

Why Your Neighbors Are Picking Fantastic Fence

Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair, Inc. In Sacramento, CA

Who is the best fence company in Sacramento and Placer Counties and how can I tell if they will do a good job or not? Buying a fence is obviously not an everyday task for anyone. In fact, most home owners will usually only get a new fence installed less than 3 times in their whole life. With that being said, these are common questions that people have and they are very important if you want the job done right. Below are a few pointers to help steer you in the right direction when looking for a good fence companies in Sacramento or Placer Counties. As a local business that obtains a lot of new customers from referrals, we know that our reputation is on the line with each and every single customer we serve. Our reputation is our key to success and we will continue to meet our client’s needs at all costs.

Why Do Business With Us

  • We Have Experienced & Knowledgeable Builders.
  • We have Friendly & Respectful Crews.
  • Our Custom Designs Give You The Look You Desire. Picket Styles. (NOTE: route to Fence Page)
  • We Only Use Quality Lumber & Materials
  • We Never Hire Subcontractors Or Have Salesman Markups.
  • Our Company Is Fully-Insured.
  • Our Prices Are Very Fair And There Are No Hidden Charges.
  • Installation Is Very Quick And Thorough.
  • We Have An Outstanding Reputation We’re Not Willing To Sacrifice.
  • We Provide Detailed Proposals And Official Contracts.
  • We Give Free Estimates With No Obligations.

Questions we hope you ask us and other contractors

  • Are you insured? YES
  • Will you be hiring any subcontractors? NO
  • How many workers will you have on the job? Usually 2
  • How many days will it take you to finish the job? We usually can complete about 70 feet of fence per day depending on the digging conditions.
  • Does your estimate include materials and labor? Our fence proposals (estimates) are fully inclusive of materials and labor. There are no hidden small print like many of our competitors have with “hard dig clauses” which are fees that can be added on at the end if the ground is difficult to dig due to rocks or clay type soils.
  • Will I have an detailed contract? Absolutely- This keeps things clear between us and our customers as to what we will be doing and what to expect.