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Best Type of Fence for Yards

Best Type of Fence for Yards

Dog Ear Good Neighbor Fences are the Standard in Sacramento!

We see a lot of variation in the styles of fence we see in the Sacramento area as many of these fences have been replaced numerous times over the last 50+ years. Areas that are older like Midtown Sacramento, Land Park, and East Sacramento have some unique wood fence styles with kickboards and caps on top, as well as a lot of short non-privacy wire and chain link fences. Other areas like Carmichael have quite a variation of dog ear fences that vary a little as homeowners replaced these wood fences and gates as weekend projects over the decades. Then there are newer areas like Natomas, Laguna, Elg Grove, Rancho Cordova, and Folsom. These areas many times are replacing their fences for the first time so these homeowners want to replace with the same traditional dog ear good neighbor fences they have now, but with better quality. This leads us to the question that everyone in Sacramento asks us—

Question: What is the best and most common style that homeowners replace their fences with in Sacramento?

Answer: Redwood Dog Ear Good Neighbor Fencing

There are a variety of reasons that most homeowners select a redwood dog ear good neighbor fence when replacing their fences in areas like Sacramento, Laguna, Elk Grove, Natomas, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, and Fair Oaks.

1) It matches

—Fences are shared in this area and we need to be aware that keeping fences as close in style to what we have currently many times helps ensure that neighbors will also have matching fences. If one homeowner wants to replace a shared fence line with a totally different style, sometimes it because an issue since their shared neighbors will then have a totally different 1 side of their yard. To keep both neighbors agreeable, we have found that many neighbors keep the style as similar to the dog ear fence style they have now.

2) Economical

This style of redwood fence is the most economical. While it is just as strong and sturdy as the other styles of good neighbor wood fence, there are just less material parts to purchase and install. This equates to less cost at the time of installation, as well as, less parts to maintain over time.

3) Durable

Homeowners in Sacramento want a durable privacy fence. They have had to replace fences before and they want to get the longest life out of their new fence. The dog ear fence offers them this for sure! Most of them are even taking their fence repair or fence replacement project to the next level by using hidden steel posts instead of the standard pressure treated wood posts. As we have all experienced, the posts is the first part to go back and by upgrading these to a hidden galvanized steel posts you get even more life out of your beautiful new fence!

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