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Fence Company in Del Webb, Sun City, Roseville and Lincoln Hills

Fence Company in Del Webb, Sun City, Roseville and Lincoln Hills

Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc has been repairing and replacing fences in Sun City Lincoln Hills and Sun City Roseville, Del Webb for over 10 years.

We are masters of the repair and replacement of the HOA guideline approved style of board on board redwood fence. Some of these fences have a lattice top and arch gates which add a nice design element, while also keeping for an open feel in the yards. There are a few different designs approved by the HOA and we will meticulously work to adhere to these designs. If you are looking to repair or replace your redwood fence we will work with you and your neighbor through the simple process and bill you each individually after.

If you are installing a new iron fence in your backyard we can assist you with layout design. We have had many customers over the years install ornamental iron fences in their backyards in the areas on the golf course that do not have fences. Many of these residents are installing these iron fences so their pets can be let out on their own and have their own spaces.

While there are a few different design styles that are in Del Web, Sun City, Roseville and Lincoln Hills, they are very similar in construction. One design that is the most common has a dato 2×4 cap board and 16 inches of diagonal lattice, while the other style that is approved has no lattice. We aim to repair or replace your fence like for like.

Every fence is not created equally by each builder and company. Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc is made up of team of over 40 true professionals. Our fence company focuses on both installing a high-quality fence made of top-quality redwood materials for your backyard and making the process of completing this project easy and efficient. Your fence is the picture frame around your backyard and its quality can greatly enhance the look and feel of your backyard.

A couple questions that we commonly get asked:

1) Who reaches out to the HOA for approval

As you are the homeowner, it is your responsibility to work with your HOA. We are happy to assist with any questions that they might have (which is usually none). Here is a link to some information available on checklist items 10 and 11 at Lincoln Hills Sun City Application Forms and Checklist. Let us know if you or Sun City HOA have any questions and we can easily assist you!

2) Do you paint the fences?

Unfortunately, we do not, but the HOA has a list of companies that paint in the area, that are used to working in Del Webb Sun City that they can refer you to. Since we are a licensed fence company that specializes in fence, we focus on what we are true experts at and that is repair and replacement of the fence itself. There are paint contractors/companies out there that do a fantastic job at their profession of painting. Let experts be experts. Everyone wins by having an efficient and professional expert do each part of the project

3) How soon can we paint our fence?

This is a great question and the answer depends on the time of year. Wood is naturally wet when it comes from a mill. Even though it sits in our warehouse for weeks or months it will still have moisture content when it is installed. This is important to prevent cracking when it is nailed together, as well it is important so that when the wood gets wet in storms later it won’t swell and buckle since the natural spacing of moist wood is already factored in. You will need to talk to your painting company to confirm when your wood is wet enough but during the spring and summer this is usually a few weeks after it is installed.

We are really excited to be the choice licensed and insured fence repair and replacement contractor of Sun City, Roseville and Sun City, Lincoln Hills.

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