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Fence Proposals for an Absentee Property Owner/Manager

Fence Proposals for an Absentee Property Owner/Manager

Since you are probably an absentee owner in the Sacramento, Roseville, or Yuba City areas, you will need a few things different than a standard owner who can go out and put their hands on the fence. Let’s look at what we provide that is different for absentee rental property owners and managers.

It takes a true professional fence contractor to provide excellent service to an absentee property owner or property manager. Many times, we are given little direction as to what is wrong with the fence. Hence, we provide a thorough walk-through evaluation of all the fences in the area. We will do our best to make a repair versus replacement conclusion based on the age and overall general condition of the fence.

Top 6 items we provide absentee owners and property managers:

  1. A write up of the areas in need of repair/replacement
  2. Addresses of the neighbors for any shared fences to save the property manager time.
  3. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
  4. Notes about current style versus any other options we might recommend.
  5. A minimum repair and full replacement option (where applicable).
  6. Split invoicing – We will invoice you for your portion and the neighbor for theirs.

We specialize in assisting property managers with their fencing needs. Our professionalism will come through in all of our communications with you, your tenants and neighbors. As you are a professional property manager, our excellence is a reflection on you and that is important to us. We are excited for you to give us a try, you will be impressed!

Our team looks forward to the chance to impress you with our professional consultation and repair/replacement of your fence