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Chain Link Fence Repair in Sacramento

Chain Link Fence Repair in Sacramento

Top Tips for Chain Link Fence and Gate Repair

Do you have a chain link fence that has been cut by a person or damaged in an accident? Do you have a chain-link gate that is in need of maintenance because it does not roll easily and close properly? We can help! Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc is a locally owned and operated fencing company in Rocklin and the greater Sacramento region of California, and we specialize in chain link fence repairs!

How do you fix metal chain link fences? It depends on the damage:


If you have some chain link that has been cut by a person caused trying to break in or shorten their path, then you are not alone! We have been getting an increased number of calls from people needing their cut chain link repaired. The good news is that this is an easier repair with the proper equipment and weaving expertise. Usually, these people have just cut the chain link mesh. To repair a cut chain link fence, we have to un-tension the chain link, remove the cut strands of mesh and weave in new strands. Lastly, we re-tension the whole run and your chain link fence will be practically as good as new!


If you have a chain link fence that has experienced more extensive damage by being hit by something larger like a car or tree we can help as well! In these instances, there is usually more extensive damage requiring replacement of the top rail, mesh and posts. To fix this damage we have to evaluate what parts (if any) are able to be re-used and how many feet to the sides of the impact need to be fixed. Once we know how much needs to be repaired or replaced, we can right to work securing your home or business.


Just like with anything else, sometimes chain link fence gates need a tune up. Maybe your gate is not rolling as well as it used to, or maybe your swing gates are not lining up correctly making it hard to lock them. Either way, our company specialized in chain link fence gate repairs just like this. Depending on the type of gate a lot of the repairs that we see have to do with the roller wheel, front carriage wheels, pipe track, v-track, and tension brace/alignment issues. Gate repairs really take expertise to properly diagnose and repair to resolve the true stemming cause of the issue versus just addressing the symptoms and temporarily making it work. One area of our company’s expertise is in chain link fence and gate repair and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you!

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Chain Link Fence Repair in Sacramento – We fix gates, too!


In making all of these repairs we take into account the types and styles of chain link you have so it all blends as best as possible. Some of the items that we look at are:

  • Color Style: Is the chain link fence frame and mesh silver (galvanized) or a different color like black.
  • Privacy Slats: Are there privacy slats in your chain link fence. If there are we note the color and the style “standard viewguard” or “viewguard plus” with wings.
  • Mesh: For the chain link fence mesh we note the gauge (thickness) of the wire and if the tops and bottoms are knuckle/knuckle or knuckle/barb. Knuckle/Knuckle is when the top of the fence mesh and the bottom match with a bent (not pointy) look. This is most often found in residential uses. The other style is called knuckle/barb and these have a different look at the top of the mesh with a twisted top that ends in points versus the bottom of the fence with have the bent (non-pointy) look.
  • Frame Sizing: Next to evaluate is the sizing and gauge of the top rail and posts of your chain link fence. Top rails are commonly 1 5/8 inches but they can range from 1 3/8 to 1 7/8 inches. Line posts are most commonly 1 7/8 to 2 3/8 but they can range in sizes due to a variety of things such as the height of the fence, wind load (slats or not), gates hanging from it, and type of use. If we find anything out of normal specification during our inspection, we will note this and make the correction the proper way.

We are Properly Trained and Equipped for Chain Link Fence Repair:

Making a proper chain-link repair requires proper tools and training. These allow our teams to correctly diagnose and repair your fence and gate. With proper training we are able to efficiently and affordably repair the damage. We look forward to making your broken chain link fence or gate look and function like it should!

Chain Link Fence Repair in Sacramento – We fix all types of chain link fencing

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