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How to Pick the Best Chain Link Fence for You

How to Pick the Best Chain Link Fence for You

Here are some common customer questions about chain link fence installation:

How do I choose a chain link fence?

What types of chain link fences are there?

Are all chain link fences the same?

Did you know that there are a variety of style options available for chain link fences (also known as cyclone fencing)?

Chain link fencing comes in a variety of heights from 3 feet to 10 feet tall, in different colors, and with different levels of privacy! Let’s take a minute and discuss each of these, but first let’s discuss what each part of a chain link fence is:



This is the vertical beam that the fence is attached to. It is either cemented into the ground or bolted down to concrete with a plate and expansion bolts. These posts come in different sizes based on the height and weight of the fencing and gates. For the fencing posts it is normal to see 1 7/8-inch to 2 3/8-inch posts, but they may be bigger for a taller or heavier fence option. For gate posts they can range from 2 3/8inch to 6 inches wide based on the length and type of gate door (swing versus slide).


Top rails are the tubing that is added at the of the fence that is added to give additional support to the cyclone mesh fabric. These normally come in 1 5/8 inch but we do see them as small as 1 3/8 and as large as 1 7/8.


The chain link mesh is the main body of the fence. It is the part that we see the most with all of the X’s. Traditionally residential grade is 11 gauge (thinner) and commercial/business grade is 9 gauge (thicker).

Slats— Slats come in up to 9 colors and come in 2 privacy levels. The standard is called Viewguard privacy, but there is an upgraded version called Viewguard PLUS that offers even more privacy. On Viewguard PLUS each slat has little wings that come together where the mesh is and covers the gaps at these junctions.

Barb Wire & Razor Wire

These can be added to the tops of fences that are in commercial zones and are of proper height. Barb wire is usually added in 3 strands and is like a rope with points on it. The razor (also called concertina wire) is usually in a circular role and what you think of as around a prison.


  1. Select your height In most instances you are going to be selecting 4 feet, 5 feet, or 6 feet tall. For some commercial applications people might select 7 feet or 8 feet tall. For tennis courts and basketball courts we usually see 10 feet tall.
  2. Select Frame and Mesh Color The posts, rail, and mesh can come in either galvanized (silver) or you can order it in black or green powder coated. The galvanized is more economical, the most requested style, and is very low maintenance! In my opinion it also looks really nice! At the same time, we do get requests from people that want a colored frame and mesh. For people wanting a colored frame and mesh, we do get requests for two colors – Black and Green! They do look awesome! Some home and business owners in rural locations request it because these colors can make it look less industrial and disappear to the eye more in a rural setting. Both of these are great choices, and depending on the setting one might make more sense to you!
  3. Privacy Slats Depending on what you are trying to accomplish privacy slats may be a great option. Chain link fences are usually installed to provide a barrier and keep certain thinks in (kids and pets) and other things/people out. We ask customers if it makes sense to hide whatever is going to be inside of the chain link fence area from people outside of it. For instance, if you have a business and you are trying to reduce break-ins, hiding the items you have inside of your fenced area is a great step in the right direction. Depending on how you answer this question will tell us if privacy slats are a good option for you, and if so which of the two levels of privacy slats to select.
  4. Barb wire and Razor Wire Three strands of barb wire are way more common that adding razor wire and, in most instances, it is way more than an adequate deterrent. Adding these to the top of a fence does offer a certain level of climbing deterrence, but most commonly we see break-ins where they have just cut the chain link mesh with a pair of wire cutters. If you think about it, who wants to go over a fence with their bodies and all of the materials they are going to potentially take, versus cutting a hole in the mesh and having a 10-foot-wide span open they can more easily walk through. Hence, in my humble opinion, barb wire is more of a visual deterrent than a physical one. If you are trying to protect your belongings from theft, we see people having way more success with adding privacy slats versus anything else.

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