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What is the average price of a fence in the Sacramento area?

What is the average price of a fence in the Sacramento area?

We get calls every day with people asking about the approximate cost of a fence installation. These home and business owners are looking for a ballpark cost and we help them the best that we can over the phone. While we try our best over the phone to give you a ballpark number, we have to come out and see your project in person to give you a proper fence proposal on your specific project and discuss your options.

There are a few factors that go into the average price for a fence installed. Some things that must be taken into consideration are:

  • Style of fence (material and exact style)
  • Location
  • Digging conditions
  • Length of fence
  • Number and size of gates
  • Terrain
  • And a list of other factors like does concrete have to be cut etc.

While all of the above can significantly affect these averages, here are some average Sacramento, CA and Placer County, CA ballpark ranges for fencing as of today based on a 70 foot or longer fence. Ballparks per foot pricing.

Redwood Dog ear – $40-45/ft

Redwood Cap and Trim –$47-52/ft

Redwood Board on Board with a cap – $53 to $58/ft

Chain Link Fence No Slats– 6 foot no slats – $40+/ft

Chain Link Fences With Privacy Slats– 6 foot with slats – $46+/ft

Ornamental Iron (Standard) – $45-$50/ft

Vinyl Fence 6 foot Privacy – $55+/ft

Vinyl Fences 3 rail corral ranch rail – $30+/ft

T-post and wire farm fence – $20+/ft

Please note when calculating the average cost to replace a fence, these are are just baseline ballpark prices per foot . These are just a starting place and these fence installation costs per foot will change over time to due to material, labor and general overhead costs. Your specific project may have factors that make is significantly cheaper or more expensive. To obtain a fence estimate please reach out to use below so we can schedule one of our fence experts to come to your home or business and provide you with an exact fence proposal.

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