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Fence Installation Process: Steps For An Easy Fence Replacement!

Fence Installation Process: Steps For An Easy Fence Replacement!

Fence projects can vary widely in their complexity and duration, depending on various factors. A fence installation project can range from a simple one day fence replacement to a more involved process involving multiple shared neighbors and a more elaborate privacy fence style. No matter which size fence project you are about to undertake, there is a few simple step that will make your fence project go super smooth! Here’s a rundown of what you can do to ensure a smoother experience:

1. Be Prepared Before Meeting with Your Fence Installation Project Consultant

Take advantage of resources like our website ( www.callfantasticfence.com) to familiarize yourself with different materials and styles available for your fence. By familiarizing yourself with different materials such as wood fence, chain link fence and vinyl fence, you can facilitate a more efficient consultation with your sales representative.

If you are thinking about changing styles of fence from what you have now, a few minutes of browsing on our website can make the time with your fence consultant super productive. As you speak with our fence experts and we grow to understand what you are trying to accomplish with this fence, we can provide you with the best recommendations available.

2. Talk To Your Shared Neighbors

Communicating with your neighbor about a shared fence line replacement or installation is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures mutual agreement on the type, style, and cost of the new fence, preventing potential disputes. It’s also an opportunity to share costs, making the project more affordable for both parties. Establishing contact can help clarify property boundaries, avoiding legal issues down the line. Additionally, discussing the project can foster a sense of community and goodwill, turning strangers into acquaintances. Your neighbor might also be interested in upgrading the fence, which could enhance the overall appearance and value of both properties. Meeting for this purpose provides a natural and practical way to introduce yourself and start a positive relationship. Effective communication can also address any concerns about timing, noise, and other inconveniences associated with the installation process. Overall, this dialogue promotes cooperation, transparency, and a harmonious living environment.

3. Obtain HOA Approval Early On

HOA approval can sometimes be a bottleneck in the installation process, potentially causing delays of up to a month or more. If you currently have a fence, it is advisable to confirm with your HOA that the required style has not changed and ask them to provide you with a copy of the current fencing style guidelines. The most common fence material that we see in an HOA is wood fence, but we have been seeing more and more iron fence due to its fire resistance.

If you are installing a new fence that is not currently there, our customers that have quick success navigating the HOA approval have a clear fence layout and keep their design simple and clear.

While you wait for final HOA approval on your fence project our sales team can start working with you. We can get your project drawn up and get you on a schedule just pending HOA approval. As well, our fence experts can be a resource for you to answer questions the HOA might have. We look forward to getting your dream fence installed as effortlessly as possible!

4. Locate Your Property Line in Advance (If A Fence Line Is New Or Moving)

If you are looking to install a new fence on or near a property line, especially if there is not one there currently, making sure to find and mark your property line ahead is very helpful to make sure your proposal and installation go perfectly smooth.

It’s crucial for customers to accurately identify their property lines before installation. On the day of installation, our foreman will work with you to mark the exact location of the fence posts and fence panels. In most instances we are just replacing fences in their current locations, but when fences are being installed in a new location, we will need you to find and confirm placement is in accordance with property lines and adhere to local ordinances. Failure to do so could result in disputes with neighbors, HOAs, or local authorities, leading to the need for fence relocation.

In most cases if you are just replacing a residential fence that has been there for years and you and the neighbor are in agreement that there are no issues, this this step is a quick check off!

By following these guidelines, you can help simplify the fence installation process! Ready to get started on your new fence or replacement? Give Fantastic Fence a call at 916-790-7100!