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The Advantages of an On-Site Estimate

The Advantages of an On-Site Estimate

At Fantastic Fence, we believe in providing an on site visit from one of fence experts before providing a quote because it helps us provide the perfect fence plan at the best price possible ! Instead of providing estimates over the phone, we prioritize visiting your property and meeting with you before delivering a free quote. While this approach may appear unconventional to some, we have compelling reasons why we do this.

We receive numerous requests daily for rough estimates and while we can provide you with a rough estimate over the phone, that is all those estimates are “rough”. There are so many variables that can make a fence more or less expensive to install or repair, that the only way for us to provide you with the best solution for you we need just a few minutes to have one of our fence professionals put their eyes on your project first.

Just giving us a few minutes to look and answering just a handful of fencing needs questions, we will be able to provide you with the best solution to accomplish your goals and make it as affordable as possible! Therefore, we offer complimentary on-site consultations to help you visualize the ideal fencing solution for your home and provide you with the most precise pricing possible.

Local Fence Experts:

Our fence experts become experts in your geographical areas, with each sales representative meeting with hundreds of customers in your housing development each year. This specialization in the fences styles in your community helps ensure that your sales representative is well-versed in the local regulations, codes, and most homeowners’ association requirements (but these rules change so the client is to provide the most recent documentation). By becoming local fence experts, we are able to offer you a fence that accomplishes your goals at the most affordable price possible!

Exact Pricing:

There’s no such thing as a standard fence cost. The concept of a “typical” fence varies significantly depending on location and specific requirements. Whether you’re considering a paddock fence, a solid board privacy fence, or an steel fence, each option comes with its own set of variables, such as material, grade, color, and layout, which directly impact pricing. By providing precise, customized estimates, we aim to avoid discrepancies between approximate quotes and actual costs.

No Surprises With A Site Assessment:

We emphasize the importance of conducting onsite evaluations to assess the property’s layout accurately. Factors such as terrain, landscaping, existing structures, and vegetation can influence installation complexity and, consequently, project costs. Our experienced sales representatives are trained to identify these nuances, ensuring that our installation crews are adequately prepared and informed. This also allows us to provide you with an accurate estimate we can stand behind with no additional costs later.

Priority Customer Service:

During a site visit we are able to prioritize clients like yourself that genuinely are interested in proceeding with their fencing projects. While there’s no obligation to commit to our services, we believe that meeting in person demonstrates a mutual commitment to exploring viable solutions. We encourage prospective clients to compare quotes from different providers, confident in the value and quality we offer.

Proper Measurements:

We adhere to a strict policy of conducting measurements ourselves to guarantee accuracy and consistency. This practice minimizes errors and discrepancies during the installation process, eliminating potential inventory issues and unexpected charges. When you accept our quote, you can trust that the price will remain unchanged, regardless of fluctuations in material costs.

Getting to Know Our Customers:

Beyond installing fences, we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients. Meeting you in person allows us to understand your preferences, address any concerns, and tailor our recommendations accordingly. We’re committed to providing not just a fence, but a comprehensive solution that enhances your property’s functionality, aesthetics, and value.

Our commitment to providing our customers an onsite estimate reflects our dedication to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. We believe that by understanding your requirements firsthand and providing accurate assessments, we can ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience from consultation to installation.

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