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Hiring a Pro for Your Fence Project – Don’t Risk It with a Handyman

Hiring a Pro for Your Fence Project – Don’t Risk It with a Handyman

You’ve noticed your fence is looking worse for wear – a few boards are rotted, posts are leaning, panels are missing. Do you need a fence repair or fence replacement ? Instead of calling up your go-to handyman or asking your landscaper to tackle it, consider hiring a licensed fence contractor for any major fence repairs or replacement. Here’s why it matters.

Experience and Knowledge Make Fence Installation Smooth

Installing and repairing fences seems straightforward, but there are actually intricacies to building a sound, level, and long-lasting fence. A licensed fencing pro understands important construction details like properly spacing posts, digging deep enough holes, determining ideal post height, selecting durable materials, and meeting local building codes. Professional fence installers know how to work with challenging terrain, including slopes and uneven ground. A handyman may incorrectly space 4×4 fence posts too far apart to save materials and time, compromising structure. A licensed fence contractor spaces them properly for strength. An unlicensed handyman simply won’t have the specialized expertise that comes from years of fence work experience to attend to these crucial details.

Proper Tools and Equipment Save Time and Money

Fence contractors invest tens of thousands of dollars in specialty tools and equipment to complete fence installations efficiently. This includes post hole diggers, tampers, laser levels, pneumatic staple and nail guns, saws, and drills. For comparison, a DIY handyman may try to make do with basic hand tools picked up from the local home store. Construction is much more laborious and time-consuming without commercial-grade electric power tools designed specifically for fencing applications. When tools fail from overexertion, injuries or fence damage can result. One example of why why it is important that you hire a licensed fence contractor instead of a handyman is that we use gas-powered augers instead of hand shovels to dig holes which allows us to install your posts deeper, stronger, and quicker.

Safety and Compliance Reduce Property Owner Risk

In many areas of Sacramento CA, fences over a certain height must meet detailed building codes and zoning rules related to appearance, location, and materials. Licensed pros understand the requirements and can advise you accordingly. They also follow safety best practices on the job site like wearing hard hats, using caution tape, and setting up cones and warning signs around the work zone. This is something that a “friend-of-a-friend” unlicensed worker may not do. Why risk an injury or code violation from an aesthetic choice like fence height or location? An example of this is a handyman may unknowingly build a 6 ft. fence in an area where codes only permit 4 ft. A licensed fence company constructs it to legal standards.

Better Materials = Longer Fence Life

Reputable fencing companies build extensive trade relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers that allow them to source quality building materials at fair prices. Special bulk deals on weather-resistant redwood fence, commercial-grade fasteners, powder-coated steel, and long-lasting protective stains are passed on to customers. Can your average landscaping crew access and transport these materials cost-effectively? Probably not. Going with the cheapest big box store components often compromises quality and durability down the road. An example of this is many handymen will use basic whitewood from the home center. A licensed fence company sources durable, weather-resistant redwood or cedar for longer life. To maintain being the best fence company in the Sacramento area we ensure we install the best fence material to accent our top quality installation. Whether you are looking for a redwood fence, chain link fence, vinyl fence, or iron fence we are the top licensed fence company in the area!

Assurances Through Warranties and Insurance

Professional fencing contractors provide customer warranties as they are confident in their workmanship and stand behind their finished products. Getting faulty fence work repaired or replaced on your own dime by a fly-by-night handyman who has moved on will be expensive and inconvenient. Many licensed contractors also carry liability insurance that protects customers from property damage or injuries that exceed their policy limits. An example of this is if a handyman’s fence work fails prematurely, you must pay out of pocket for repairs. Licensed fence companies will fix issues covered by warranty.

Proper Screening Sets Mind at Ease

When you hire a licensed professional fencing contractor, you also gain the assurances that come with thorough employee screening and background checks. Right from the start the contractors state license board has tested and background checked the ownership of the fence company that will come to see you. As well their sales staff will have an HIS (Home Improvement Specialist) background screening to also make sure the people coming to your home are safe to be there ! The top fence contractors carefully vet their crew members and check credentials to uphold their reputation. With an independent handyman or other laborer you bring on site, you likely have no assurances about criminal history or skill level. A leading regional fencing company with licenses, insurance, and a track record of safety and quality work should be the clear choice to protect your family and property.

When Hiring a Handyman Might Might Make Sense

  • For small, simple fence projects – if you just need to repair a few pickets or a few feet of fencing, a handyman can likely handle this more affordably. However, for installing a new fence or replacing large sections, a contractor is best.
  • For minor fence repairs – Sometimes customers just want to patch something as a temporary repair instead of fixing it properly. In this situations we usually recommend a homeowner try a handyman, because we need to fix fences the proper way. Sometimes we get customers that have less an an hour worth of work to complete like adding some nails to the fence for pickets that are falling off. In this example it tends to be slightly less expensive to have an unlicensed handyman out to do this repair, however remember by using the unlicensed person/company you will also lose all the customer protections you would receive from a licensed fence company.
  • For specialty fencing – if you want something very customized like decorative metal fencing for a garden, a talented handyman may be able to create something unique for less than a high-end contractor.

Invest Upfront for Lasting Returns

When it comes to something as substantial yet functional as the perimeter fencing around your home or business, it doesn’t pay to cut corners. Spend the money upfront to have the job done right by an experienced local fencing contractor. Fantastic Fence specializes in residential and commercial fencing! The return on investment from better safety, security, aesthetics and longevity of a professionally installed fence makes it worthwhile. Don’t throw those benefits away by letting an unreliable jack-of-all-trades handyman tackle such an important home improvement project. When you are ready to remove your old fence and install a new fence give us a call so we learn about the the style of fencing you want and get your free estimate today! Do your research and connect with a reputable fence company today for a free estimate on a fence that truly last.