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Horse Fencing

Horse Fencing

Fencing in a horse property can be big project requiring hundreds or thousands of feet of fencing! This sort of project is for a professional fence company with horse fence installation experience. A true professional fence contractor like Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc, will be able to install your new horse fence the right way. Choose from wood corral fence, wire and t-post fence, and vinyl corral fence:

Wood Corral Horse Fence

Wood corral fencing is typically used on farms and ranches as a functional fence to keep medium to large animals contained. It can be modified to keep even smaller animals in by adding woven wire mesh. It usually has 3 or 4 rails and is five feet tall. Posts used for wood corral fencing are usually 4×6 pressure treated or round peeler cores.

Wood corral fences add an attractive and effective way to keep you horses on you secured. While being installed for functional purposes, many homeowners install these wood corral fences to enhance the look and value of your home.

Woven Wire and T- Post Horse Fence

A great way to keep large and small animals in is with woven wire horse fence. Woven wire fencing has lots of different names including American wire, box wire, woven wire, non-climb, etc. Sometimes these are installed with driven T-Posts and other customers prefer treated peeler cores. The primary advantage of woven wire fencing over other fence types is its security, particularly for animals. Woven wire is specifically designed to keep animals in or out. A tight grid of wires nailed securely on sturdy posts can keep something as small as a rabbit out and or keep an animal as big as a horse in. This is commonly referred to as “no climb.” We prefer the Red Brand 12.5 gauge silver steel woven wire fencing with mesh spacing of 2 inch by 4 inches. Redbrand is:

  • Woven-wire horse fence is recommended for keeping hoofed animals safe
  • Tight 2-in x4-in spacing prevents hoofed animals from stepping through or walking down fence
  • Smooth side of Square Deal® Knot protects hides from injury
  • Offers secure protection from predatory animals
  • 100% American made
  • No Climb Woven field fence can contain horses, dogs, goats, cattle, and sheep

We install fencing for both large and small properties. We have the experience to get the fence installation done on time and within budget. We have most recently been installing this type of field fencing increasingly in Nevada City, Grass Valley, Auburn, Loomis and Penryn. Contact us today to learn more about our woven wire horse fence installation services.

Vinyl Corral Fence

The Ranch Rail vinyl fence line comes in 2, 3, or 4 rail systems. Vinyl ranch rail fencing creates a distinguished look for any residential, agricultural, and commercial application. While adding to the curb appeal of your home or ranch– vinyl corral rail fencing has become increasingly popular because it is economical to install and is very functional. This is a fantastic option to keep your pets and animals in and unwanted animals out.

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