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Warehouse Commercial Fencing

Warehouse Commercial Fencing

Some might think that fencing and gates are only used outside of a building, but actually fencing is commonly used inside of warehouse and commercial buildings as well! In most cases the material of choice is chain link. This is a great solution that comes in a variety of heights, colors, and privacy levels to help business owners accomplish their security and safety goals. If you have a warehouse or other large commercial space, lets discuss why managers and owners install and repair fences.

Interior warehouse fences, cages, and partitions

Interior warehouse fences, cages, and partitions allow you secure areas quickly and effectively. They offer a great solution that helps improve safety and save money. Let’s discuss the top 3 benefits of an fence/cage/partition inside a warehouse.

1) Reduce theft and shrinkage – By putting a physical chain link barrier people and your higher dollar or more commonly stolen products, you will see a bottom-line savings in shrinkage. Each of these items on your shelf that walk off are literally the same as dollars and if you had stacks of money sitting around, you would secure that as well. These might be walking off with an unscrupulous employee or maybe someone else that is coming through the warehouse like a delivery driver. Either way, securing your merchandise will keep honest people honest.

2) Promote employee safety – Chainlink fences and gates in warehouses promote employee safety by keeping your team away from areas or items that they should not be around. Maybe this is an area where certain chemicals are stored that your need to have proper training to work with. Additionally, some business owners install fences to be able to store their equipment that people need proper training and clearance to operate. By reducing access to these tools or equipment to only those who are properly trained and have clearance to operate them is one more step toward employee safety.

3) Create secure office spaces or cages – Many warehouse managers have been installing chain link office spaces in their warehouses. With a secure and lockable door, this allows these companies to put office spaces right down on the warehouse floor where the supervisor is more available to the rest of the warehouse staff. These supervisors are then able to do their daily work in a secure area, while also be able to constantly monitor what is happening on the warehouse floor and respond more quickly to increase efficiency. These secure office spaces on the warehouse floor can be see through chain link or for more privacy it can be installed with privacy slats. If you already have a cage or office space in your warehouse and want to increase the privacy inside this area either windscreen can be added easily or the mesh can be changed to one with privacy slats.

Exterior warehouse fences and gates

There are many reasons property owners of warehouses and storage yards install fences around their properties. Here are the top 5 reasons we hear:

1) Improve Privacy- One of the greatest benefits of building a fence on your commercial property is the additional privacy that it provides you. Hiring a professional fence company to install a fence around your property increases your privacy. Each business has their own reasons but we commonly you may not want other businesses or people passing by from looking into your property. These fences will allow you to store your materials, tools, and equipment out of the vision of passing by pedestrians who may not like to look at your storage, or thieves who want to steel it. By increasing the privacy of your storage areas, parking areas, and open areas, it will equate to less complaints and less theft.

2) Security- A commercial fence around your property will deter criminal activity against your property. This activity can be both theft, and vandalism. Security fencing and gates make it very difficult for vandals and thieves from doing their expensive damage to your property. A properly installed security fence around your property in conjunction with security cameras and lighting greatly increases your security. Of these items, we feel that the fence is the most important because it is the one item that keeps the criminal activity off your property and away from your storage and equipment.

3) Safety- Properly installed commercial fences increase the safety on your property. By properly placing these fences, it will keep employees, pedestrians and other frequent guests like delivery drivers where they should be, and away from where it may not be the safest for them. A proper fence with a lockable gate will still give your team of employees proper access as needed, while keeping everyone safer. This will reduce your legal liabilities for injury on a commercial property as a commercial property owner or renter. Keeping unwanted guests off the property, and invited guests in safe areas will greatly reduce your liabilities and increase your site safety.

4) Storage– Depending on your business and the size of your building, you may not have enough room indoors to store all of your products, materials, equipment, or machinery. In this case, you have two options. You can either pay for off-site storage every month or hire a commercial fencing company so you can store your assets on-site. A commercial security fence cost will be much more affordable than recurring storage payments. Storing your assets on-site is also significantly more convenient. However, without a commercial fence, your equipment, materials, or products won’t be safe and secure. Security fencing and gates are also fantastic solutions if you have a fleet of company vehicles that need to be protected.

5) Marketing Opportunity- A value add benefit that most companies do not think of when installing a fence around the outside of their warehouse or business, is the opportunity to use it for marketing. You can easily install commercial windscreen signs on your fence to tell about your business and what you do. Some companies change these out as the seasonal promotions in the area change. An example of a company that makes these types of custom printed windscreen signs at: Ball Fabrics. If you intend to add this type of windscreen, please ensure that this is documented on your fence installation order so we can confirm that the proper size fence posts are installed to not only handle the fence we are installing, but also any wind load this windscreen adds. This is an excellent way to get your fence to start helping you bring in the customers and pay the bills!

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