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How much does a fence cost in Sacramento?

How much does a fence cost in Sacramento?

We get the question – What are Sacramento Fence Prices like now every day! Lots of you residents nearby us are calling in looking for ballpark numbers. What I can tell you is that there are a lot of factors to consider so it is best to give us a call so we can ask you all the necessary questions to give you the best site unseen estimate that we can come up with.

What are we going to ask about?

  • How many feet are going repairing or replacing?
  • What material is it? Wood, chain-link, ornamental iron, or vinyl?
  • What style is it? Dog Ear, Cap and Trim, chainlink with slats or no slats for instance. View our fence gallery for examples.
  • Are there any gates and if so how big?
  • How tall is the fence?
  • Where is the job located? This tells us a lot about the digging conditions and tells us how much time the project will take to complete properly.

Those are just a few of the questions but with a few minutes on the phone we can get you a very good ballpark price to get the project done beautifully! When we are in the project cost range you are looking for, we will always send a fence expert to your home or business after to look at your specific project. He can answer all of your questions while he is there measuring so we can provide you with a free fence estimate that you can share with your neighbor.

We will do our best to provide an over the phone estimate that is as accurate as possible, but the site visit is absolutely necessary to be prepared and not have anything unexpected come up during the fence installation. Your fence repair project deserves it and so do you!

Contact us today for a free price estimate. Our team looks forward to the chance to impress you with our competitive costs and our professional repair/replacement expertise.