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Is it better to use metal or wood fence posts?

Is it better to use metal or wood fence posts?

Hidden Steel Posts are Better Than Wood Posts!

In the great debate of pressure treated wood posts vs. steel posts, we can confidently tell you that galvanized hidden steel posts are the winner for fencing! These steel posts can be wrapped in wood to make them look just like a traditional wood 4×4 fence post. With the core being galvanized steel that resists rot, bugs, and decay these metal fence posts will last longer than the wood post alternatives. Hence, they are the best fence post for a wood fence.

Are metal fence posts worth it? Yes! Here are the advantages:

#1: Durability/ Lifespan

Your fence sits out in the weather day in and day out. It gets baked in the sun all summer and it sits wet most of the winter. All of this weather is hard on fences in general, but it is particularly deteriorating on fence posts. The moisture levels over the months of winter and fall are rough on wood posts even if they are pressure treated. This moisture and also termites that it might attract are rough on these wood posts and make them weak and cause them to break. This is easily solved with steel fence posts and wood fence panels on your next privacy fence!

Are steel posts stronger than wood? Yes! Steel posts are not affected by weather, moisture, or termites, so its well respected that galvanized steel posts are more durable than pressure treated wood posts. A question some people ask is will the steel rust? We only install galvanized steel posts that are built to withstand corrosion and rust. Galvanized steel posts for the win for wood fences!

#2: Cost

While the wood post option is initially slightly cheaper, in the long term the hidden metal posts are a much more cost effective option. Due to the durability of the steel posts, the lifespan of your fence will be a lot longer and your maintenance costs will be much less.

While the wood posts are pressure treated, they still rot and are effected by water and the elements. Ninety nine percent of the fences that we repair and replace are already on wood posts. Customers that made the investment in hidden steel posts years ago get to enjoy the lower maintenance and repair costs as their fences stand strong year after year even through winter storm seasons.

#3: Aesthetics—What do they look like?

Many of our customers come to us wanting a wooden fence with steel posts but they are concerned that if they want steel posts, they will have to see the steel. We are always delighted to let them know that we offer a style of hidden steel posts where we wrap a 2 3/8 galvanized steel post in redwood giving it the look of a wood post, but the strength and durability of a steel posts. The objective is to give you the option to use either a wood post or a steel post but have the end product look like wooden fence posts!

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