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#1 Fence Repair and Replacement Company in Natomas, California

Fence Repair and Replacement Company in Natomas, CA

Fantastic Fence (formerly Superior Fence Construction and Repair, Inc.) offers residential and commercial fence repair and replacement in Natomas, CA and customers throughout Sacramento County, California. We offer quality Wood Fence , Ornamental Iron Fence, Chain Link Fence, Pool Fence, and Retaining Wall.

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Our combination of economical fencing with quality workmanship and excellent customer service cannot be matched. We have customers who previously chose less expensive contractors, only to ask us to fix the problems created by their inferior craftsmanship or service.


Our combination of economical fencing with quality workmanship and excellent customer service cannot be matched. We have customers who previously chose less expensive contractors, only to ask us to fix the problems created by their inferior craftsmanship or service.

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Natomas Fence Contractor

Fantastic Fence (now rebranding as Fantastic Fence) builds top-quality fences at your home or business in Natomas, California. Fantastic Fence’s team of craftsmen build fences on-site to ensure a quality fence that fits perfectly. We remove old fencing if needed, and then install your new fencing on location. Each post is set in concrete for long lasting stability. We use high quality materials to ensure your fence will be able to withstand the wind storms of the winter and the blazing sun of the summers.

Fantastic Fence (now rebranding as Fantastic Fence) installs a variety of fencing in Natomas, California, including redwood wooden fences. Everyone loves a beautiful redwood fence, over the track cedar cedar fences their homes first came with. We install classic dog ear fences, contemporary Cap and Trim fences, as well as board-on-board fences for extra-privacy. We also install a lot of ornamental iron fencing and chain link fencing for homes and businesses. These have been very in demand for many of our commercial customers.

Best Fence Company

Fantastic Fence (now rebranding as Fantastic Fence) is proud to offer the best-quality fence installation in Natomas, CA and the greater Sacramento region. Our fences are built to meet all Natomas, CA building codes and we use only the highest quality materials. We are happy to meet with you at your property to discuss your needs and provide a proposal & estimate for a custom fence.

Have questions? We are happy to answer any questions, and can visit your Natomas, CA property to do a custom fence proposal based on your needs.

Wood Fence

Wood fencing is undoubtedly one of the most popular fencing options in the Natomas area, especially among customers who appreciate the timeless design and reliable quality of a classic fence.

Wooden fencing materials have been praised for their long-lasting properties, therefore a wood fence will be an ideal solution for you if you’re looking for an appealing yet durable fence. If you’re looking for a customized wood fence, we’ve got you covered. Our classic fence company specializes in custom fences so you can have yours made in any shape and style you desire.Many homeowners are replacing their wood fences with two popular upgrades. These upgrades include hidden steel posts and board on board overlap of pickets for privacy.

  • Hidden Steel Fence Posts– Property owners are renovating their fences and replacing with a new wood fences with upgraded hidden steel posts because it is an affordable way to make your new fence last much longer. The most common point of failure for wooden fences in the Sacramento area is with the wooden posts rotting out. By replacing these fences with hidden steel posts, these homeowners are making a smart choice to make their new fences last much longer.
  • Board on Board Privacy Overlap– In Natomas, CA many of the homes were built close together and because of this many of the homeowners are looking for new fence design ideas to increase their privacy. Board on Board overlap is a fantastic solution that many property owners select to go with because the overlap of the pickets takes care of the problem of gaps between the fence boards when the pickets dry in a couple weeks. If privacy is important to you, then a board on board fence is a fantastic option for you!

Vinyl Fence

If you are looking for a low maintenance and durable privacy fence, then vinyl fencing might a great solution for you! Vinyl fences are naturally resist rot and insects making them a very durable fence choice. There are a variety of style options, but in Natomas CA there are two styles that are the most common: the 6 foot privacy fence and the 3 or 4 rail corral/ranch rail fence.

The Estate privacy fence comes in heights from 3 feet to 6 feet tall, but the 6 foot option is the most common. These are common in residential areas where our customers share fence lines with neighbors.

In more rural areas we install a lot of 2,3 and 4 rail vinyl corral fence (also called ranch rail). It offers a lot of esthetic value while defining the boundaries of your property.

Your new vinyl fence can also be customized according to your preferences, as the high-quality materials used for vinyl fencing are super flexible. If you want a classy and modern-looking gate at a good price, vinyl fence is your best choice!

Ornamental Iron Fence (often called wrought iron fence)

There’s no better way to increase your home’s curb appeal than with an appealing and functional iron fence. We choose to install black ornamental iron fences instead of aluminum fences because the iron fences are stronger and more affordable. Ornamental iron is a standard in the fencing industry.

This type of fencing installation is known to be incredibly durable and strong. Many home and business owners in Natomas are installing these iron fences around their properties to increase their security keeping their property, family, and employees safe. These iron fences are great ways of securing the front of your home or business because the fencing ordinances (rules) allow for much larger iron fences than other types of fence in front areas.

Depending on your gate needs, our metal fabrication team can weld up gates to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a person gates (commonly 4 feet wide) or much larger driveway gate (10 – 20 feet wide), our welding teams have you covered! Depending on the placement of these gates they may be a swing gate or a slide gate. With a site inspection our company estimator can assist with selecting the perfect style gate for your home or business!

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is praised for their incredible durability and affordability. Chain link fences are growing in popularity in Natomas to secure people’s homes and businesses. As far as fencing materials go, chain link fence is definitely a great choice because it is durable, easy to repair if needed, and cost effective.

A common chain link fencing options upgrade that people make is to add privacy slats. By installing the fence or gate with these slats at the of installation services, the fence posts can be properly sized. You will really appreciate how much these privacy slats add to the beautiful look of your new fence and also the amount of privacy they bring.

For our commercial customers, another chain link fencing options upgrade is barb wire. As the amount of theft has increased, many of our commercial business customers have wanted to increase the security around their businesses.

Metal fences can be sealed from moisture and with very little maintenance, you can enjoy reliable use of your metal fencing for up to 20 years!

Why Hire A Professional Licensed Natomas Fence Contractor?

There are some homeowners that want to tackle a fence replacement on their own and spend the weekend digging holes and carrying heavy pieces of lumber, and this is fantastic, but there are many reasons to hire a licensed fence company in Natomas, CA.

Save Time

Unless you’re a fence contractor yourself with years of experience and all the tools at the ready, even the smallest fence repair or replacement can often end up taking a lot longer than anticipated. Most of us lead very busy lives and have other things to be doing with our precious free time.

Hiring a professional fence company like Fantastic Fence Construction and Repair Inc (now rebranding as Fantastic Fence)will get your project done quickly while you get to enjoy your weekend having fun with your family and friends. If you want to have your fence work done in a timely manner, get in touch with us today!

Save Money

Many people hold off on calling a fence company because they are worried about the cost. While this is an understandable concern, we find that many do-it-yourself projects end up costing far more than anticipated after factoring in materials and tools. Hiring an experienced, efficient, and properly equipped fencing company can many times end up saving you money in the long run since it will be done right and last a long time.

For those that would like to break their fence project down into payments, this is an option through with our financing partner. Get more financing information!

Less Stress

Have you been staring at your failing fence, and it has frustrated you, but you have not been sure what to do about it? We would like to send one of our fence company estimates out to give you a free consultation and free estimate. We can work with you to determine the best way to solve your fence challenges because we offer both repair or replacement fencing services in Natomas.

We want to empower you with the options and solutions to fix your fence and make the stress go away! We pride ourselves on being the best fencing company in the Natomas CA area by focusing on excellent customer service from first contact, to our free estimates, to doing an excellent job on on your fence repair or replacement.

Call the best fencing company in Natomas, CA for our fence repair

Whether you are looking to install a new fence, replace your old fence or economically repair your current fence, we can help! Our team of over 40 professionals works on thousands of homes every year with thousands of customers. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp!

Our service area includes Natomas and the surrounding areas, such as Sacramento, North Highlands, and Elverta. If you want to get a free estimate on your fencing project, give us a call or send us a message.

Natomas Fence Installation Resources
Natomas Maximum Fence Height
  • Front Yard Fence – Maximum Height

    4 feet

  • Backyard Fence – Maximum Height

    6 feet

  • Corner Lot Visibility Triangle – Maximum Height

    2.5 feet Max Fence Height on Triangle Visibility Area – 35 feet measured from back of curb

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We are highly rates on Google reviews, BBB A+ certified, Angies List and we maintain consistently high ratings on Yelp.

Our team is proud to serve our neighbors in the wonderful city of Natomas California.

The construction of what we know now as Natomas started in 2003 with the development of some affordable housing. Before that it was an agricultural area and flood plain. The early residents of the area in the 1800’s named it Natomas which in the Maidu language means “north place or upstream people”.

If you are new to the area we would love to help you get to know your new home a little better. We have created a small but helpful guide of things to see and do here. We really hope you enjoy it.

Things To Do
  • North Natomas Regional Park
  • Natomas Rose Garden
  • North Natomas Library
  • North Natomas Aquatic Complex
  • North Natomas Community Park
Places To Eat
  • Huckleberry’s Breakfast & Lunch
  • Bonchon Natomas
  • The Hub Eats & Drinks
  • Fin’s House Sushi & Ramen
  • Monsoon Burger
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