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Tips for Talking to Your Neighbor About a New Fence

Tips for Talking to Your Neighbor About a New Fence

If you’ve envisioned the perfect backyard oasis, complete with a brand new fence, but you have a little apprehension about talking with your neighbor about it, we have some information to help you make sure the conversation goes smooth! Before the fence contractor shows up with their hammers and drills, there’s one crucial step: neighborly communication and agreement.

  • Initiate the Conversation: Choose a time when both you and your neighbor are free to talk without distractions.  Many of our customers find that the best times for them to reach out to neighbors are on the weekends when the distractions and rush is less. Approach the conversation with a friendly demeanor and maybe some fresh baked cookies! 
  • Be Transparent: Politely explain why you think the fence needs to be replaced. Being direct and clear is very important. Whether it’s due to damage, wear and tear, or safety concerns, honesty is crucial to building trust.
  • Listen to Their Feedback: Give your neighbor an opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns about the replacement. Actively listen to what they have to say without interrupting. The active listening will help ensure that you understand the neighbors concerns and navigate to a fence solution that will benefit everyone.
  • Discuss Shared Costs: Many fences are on a shared property line and the cost of repair or replacement should be shared between neighbors. You can propose a fair split based on factors like the length of the fence on each property or the estimated cost of materials and labor. If one neighbor wants to select an upgraded option, then that neighbor will often offer to pay for this upgrade.
  • Explore Options Together: Brainstorm different options for the replacement, such as the type of fence (e.g., wood, vinyl, chain-link) and any additional features (e.g., gates, board on board overlap). Try to find a solution that meets both of your needs and preferences.
  • Be Patient: Fences are a unique home improvement project because they involve 2 neighbors being on the same page and timeline. Many times, this involves some patience between neighbors.
  • Get a Quote: Once you’ve agreed on the type of fence, we look forward to meeting with your neighbor to put together a fence plan and proposal. Share these quotes with your neighbor so that you can make an informed decision together.
  • Establish a Timeline: Discuss when you would like to proceed with the fence replacement so you can schedule with us.
  • Put Agreements in Writing: To avoid misunderstandings later on, all agreements between neighbors should be in writing. Most of the time your fence contractor will ensure that all shared parties understand and sign the shared fence contract.
  • Follow Up: After the replacement is complete, follow up with your neighbor to ensure that they are satisfied with the outcome and address any concerns they may have.


By following these tips for initiating a dialogue about a new fence, you can navigate the situation with tact and consideration. And when you’re ready to bring your fencing plans to fruition, feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary estimate. We’re here to help you realize your property’s potential while fostering neighborly relations.  In the meantime, keep reading our blogs to learn more about fencing tips, styles, materials and other industry news.