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What Is a Box Wire Fence?

What Is a Box Wire Fence?

If you are interested in a fence style that includes wood posts with metal or plastic wiring in between, you’ve come to the right place.

A box wire fence which also goes by such names as a hybrid fence, wood and wire fence, hog fence, and deer fence, is considered by landscape designers and homeowners an affordable, low-profile way to maintain a wide-open view while keeping animals out.

With a box wire fence, you no longer need to sacrifice sunlight exposure! It’s not just about borders and privacy but full transparency with your animals within its borders.

It’s time for a new fence! Keep on reading and learn everything about such a cost-effective and practical option as a box wire fence and its great advantages.

A Box Wire Fence: Everything You Need to Know

A box wire fence includes many components that a classic wood fence does. Among them are fence posts, which hold all the other components in place; rails, which do the spanning work in box wire fences, connecting one post to the next; possibly kickboards, etc.

The difference lies in the type of fabric which vary in strength and aesthetics. There is a wide selection of possible fabrics for a wood wire fence, including polypropylene plastic net, welded wire mesh, woven wire mesh, or cattle/Hog panels.

Choose the fabric according to your budget and requirements.

Welded Wire–If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option, then it’s a welded wire mesh, which is also incredibly lightweight and easy to work with. Mind that this option is the weakest as well. Welded metal is available in various gauges: 14 gauge is a standard option, whereas 6 gauge is the strongest and priciest one. In most applications it makes more sense to move on to the stronger and slightly more expensive options below.

Woven Wire– Woven wire is similar to welded wire, but with a bit heavier gauge wire and its real strength comes from the fact that all of the connection points are woven (like tying your shoe) versus welded wire which has a tendency of breaking.This is a fantastic option in cases where you have animals, or children that might be trying to climb on or push on the fence. As well, because all of the connections are woven, this type of wire works better when a fence is being built to follow a slope.

Hog Panel/ Cattle Panel – This is the most expensive wire mesh type, but it comes with some big advantages too. This mesh is constructed of 6 gauge steel wire strong enough to contain everything from your children to your livestock. The panels come standard at 5 ft. tall x 16 ft. long . They are rugged and welded one piece steel construction which gives the fence panel extra durability. The use of these rigid panels mixed with a redwood frame have been growing in popularity for front yard fencing because it can be installed with a very contemporary and clean look.

Box Wire Fence Specification Options

Depending on one’s requirements and budget realities, numerous specification options exist for box wire fences. There are no right or wrong choices. Go for the option that suits your needs the best. Let’s check out the three most popular designs and their specifications.

  • An economical version: The standard specifications for this option are 4ft height, 2 by 4 RedwoodRail Box Frame, and inexpensive welded wire fabric. This open ‘see-through’ fencing is ideal for those who own a few small or large animals and strive for cost-effective and easy-to-use fencing with excellent visibility.
  • A standard design: The standard specifications for this option are any height of your choice, 4 by 4 RedwoodPost + 2 by 4 RedwoodTop/Bottom Rail, and woven wire mesh..
  • A premium design: This more premium version comes with a 2×4 redwood cap on top with the cattle / hog panel mesh. This is all built on a 4 by 4 Redwood Post + 2 by 4 Redwood Top/Bottom Rails. Depending on the design you like this can be integrated with a kickboard at the bottom.

Why Should You Choose a Box Wire Fence?

If you consider a box wire fence for separating your property or a specific area in your yard, you’ve made the right choice! Read on and find out the advantages of such a fence.


While box wood and wire fences may not be the cheapest option for fencing, it is a great value considering how nice it will look in your yard and how durable it is. There are always cheaper ways to install wire mesh on metal t-posts, but this carries a more farm / pasture / rural look than may be fitting for your property. For fences where you want the advantages of wire, but with a clean and finished look a box wood and wire fence is the best value! Looking for both an affordable and effective option? Consider installing a box wire fence.


Although wire doesn’t rot like wood, it deteriorates from environmental exposure. The good news is that due to its durability, your box wire fence may last for at least two decades with proper maintenance.

Choosing powder-coated or galvanized steel materials will help your fence resist corrosion, thus increasing its lifespan.

If durability is crucial for you and you can’t decide between a welded wire panel and a woven mesh panel, pick the last one, especially if you keep such animals as goats. You know that those creatures can climb in a rather brutal way. As the bottom rungs of your mesh panels don’t hold up for such rough behavior, don’t stick to this option.


Erecting and mending fences can be challenging, but it doesn’t refer to the box wire fences. Hassle-free installation is one of the reasons they have such an attractive price tag.


Box wire fences have a good rep for high visibility, which is one of the biggest reasons homeowners like them. They typically come with a 2 inch by 4 inch spacing which allows you to see through and air to still flow through on a warm day. At the same time, this wire grid spacing provides security and protection to your outdoor spaces and animals without sacrificing views.

Variety of Options

Feel free to customize the look and configuration of your box wire fence. You can experiment with various wire panel colors as well as designs. For instance, combining wood posts with wire panels will enhance the durability of your fence.

Apart from this, wood and wire fences come in numerous specification options. We’ve already mentioned at least three designs: an economical version, a standard design, and a premium design.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and take advantage of the box wire fence benefits.

Box Wire Fence Installation

Box wire fence is a perfect option for those striving to protect their outdoor spaces and animals without sacrificing the view.

Installing a box wire fence on your own may be extremely painstaking, especially if you are unsure of which specification options and materials you need. What about leaving this task to the best fence contractor in the area?

If you’re looking for a group of highly-experienced professionals to install a box wire fence on your property – contact us today!

Having years of experience in the fence construction and repair industry, we are proud to claim that our professionals know everything about the best materials, designs, and top performance.

Call us at 916-790-7100, and get a free estimate for your project. We will answer all your questions and help you choose the right solution that best suits your needs.